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From: John Le of Dashboard Dudes

Dear Fellow Data Nerds,

I always say that "data is a lot like cooking" in that we have to get ingredients, cook them and plate them. Similarly, we need to connect to data sources, clean and massage the data and ultimately display insights.

However, the problem with dashboard plating is that often the wrong cook is at the wrong station.

Usually, one department (or person) is making dashboards for sales, operations, finance, customer service, etc and this person is not a subject matter expert in each department. That's like asking a prep cook to work the sautee, grill, pastries, and dishwashing stations.

Other times, someone too specific is making dashboards for the wrong audience. For instance, a social media specialist may be focused on story views, shares and other KPIs that a CEO or Board does not need to see.

That is like asking for a simple cheeseburger, but having a gastronomy chef spend hours making a deconstructed A5 Wagyu cheeseburger with Himalayan Goat Cheese. Sounds great, but it's too extra.

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here's the problem:
Analysts Waste Too Much Time Guessing on Dashboard Design

Take it from me, I have burned many hours trying to mind read what people want. On some accounts I got it and others, I missed. From trial and error, I have perfected these baseline templates you can use to deliver high-margin value right away. 

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Hi! My name is John Le and I am so excited to be your Data and Dashboard Guide. You are Luke Skywalker or Rey and I am Yoda, but with hair.

I have been using Domo since 2016 and have done and taught Domo for 50+ organizations as well as spoke at Domopalooza 2023 and have hosted several webinars for I know what I'm doing.

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Q: What exactly is included in Billion Dollar Dashboards?
Billion Dollar Dashboards is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that walks you through dashboard templates you can use right away. You will learn how they were designed and why clients have raved about them.

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Our guarantee is straightforward. We're so confident in the power of Billion Dollar Dashboards that if you don't find it helpful or if it doesn't transform your data visualization, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

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In addition to Billion Dollar Dashboards, the Dashboard Dudes Membership includes access to a wealth of resources designed to enhance your skills as a data analyst. This includes all courses, access to all chart types, SQL formula help, monthly quick tips, curated video solutions to common problems and much more.