2023 Domo Case Competition Highlights

Friday, November 17, 2023

what is the domo case competition?

The Domo Case Competition is a contest where graduate and undergraduate students use data, Domo tools and their creative analytical skills to solve real world problems. This year, the problems focused on nurse staffing and termination for Regional One Health.

how did it work?

Domo wanted real world problems. Unlike other case competitions, students are usually given a fake problem or a problem that was already solved by the company. Unfortunately, this stifles creativity because judges then compare student answers to the real answer. However, with the Domo case competition, the solutions will later be shown to Regional One Health and they will use those to drive their decisions.

Students were given real data, real time lines and real help. Prior to the start of the competition, I worked with Regional One Health to listen to their objectives and to get their data. From there, I anonymized it and wrote the case. In addition, I produced a list of Domo tutorial videos. For me, personally, the most validating reward was seeing how quickly students mastered Domo and having them say "we loved your videos".


1st Place ($30k): Utah State University: Brigham Cook, Christopher Harris, Oliver Heady and Rylie Swanson
2nd Place ($15k): Utah State University: Avery Child, Jordan McGrath and Ryan Cheney
3rd Place ($5k): Northwestern University (Kellogg): Ameen Shaik, Erika Ortiz, Njay Okafor and Saskia Lienhard
Honorable Mention ($1k): University of Utah: Richard Lim

Very very impressed with everyone. Special shoutout to Kellogg who sent two teams and had two teams make it to the finals. It's good to be double purple. Glad I was able to come to your class and get you all to compete!

Northwestern University (Kellogg): Alizain Merchant, Daniel Kutschman and Yashika Garg

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