I'm a Perfectionist, which is why I Love Domo Brand Kit

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

You know the worst PowerPoint shortcut I leared? It was that if you hold Shift + Arrow keys, you can micro-move boxes or shapes. That made me nuts with making sure things were aligned. Then I learned I could auto align items. Then I learned, I could keep gridlines on to make sure everything was aligned properly. I bring this up, because I’M THAT PERSON that gets hyper-focused on consistency. Admittedly, I am a perfectionist and that’s why I like using Domo Brand Kit.


Color Hues

What is Domo Brand Kit? In summary, it’s a fast way to set default colors, fonts, and Domo login screens. With Brand Kit, you can set your colors that are pertinent to your logo. That way, when you create new charts and graphs, your colors will show automatically. However, you aren’t stuck with those colors. You can always choose different hues of your colors and even override your chart colors with HEX codes.



Similarly, you can choose fonts so that chart and graphs show a font similar to your brand. As of this writing, you cannot upload your own fonts, but you can choose one that is similar to yours. It’s small things like this that just for a cohesive UX experience.


Login Page

Lastly, you set the background for your own Domo login screen. This is really fun to do teams. You can show backgrounds of your product, team members, colors or something fun. For me, I’m a Futurama fan so I put Bender as my background because he’s a robot and I do computations all day.


There you have it! Those are some quick reasons why I love Domo Brand Kit and how it has brought peace of mind to my clients and myself. If you don’t see it, contact your Account Executive or get the Consumption Model to get instant access. Additionally, if you ever want to discuss Domo Brand Kit or any other Domo questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at John.Le@dashboarddudes.com.

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