How uses Domo to literally save lives

Friday, October 20, 2023

Manoj Perumal and Cory Linton are the founders of They have been working with John Le since 2022. In this video, John Le and Manoj go through how Edify uses Domo to disrupt the construction safety industry and how that is ultimately saving lives.

What iS wrong with the construction safety industry now?

The construction safety industry is very old and blue collar. As you would guess, it is not very data-driven. Front line workers are at risk of severe injury or even fatality if people are not careful or aware of the risks.

How does edify help?

Manoj will tell you that their job is take safety data, compile it and to make it accessible so that managers, workers, directors, etc can sleep well at night knowing people are not hurt on the job.

To ensure this solution, Edify deploys a multitude of tools. First, Edify has a tool called SafetyMojo where safety managers input all safety risks and observations. This then feeds an API that updates into Domo every 15 minutes. From here, safety managers are able to easily see how well their locations are doing.

Furthermore, this allows big construction companies to compare safety across multiple sites. Not only are construction companies able to see how individual sites are doing, but also they are able to understand and manage safety risk across all their locations. Edify has developed scorecards that managers can use to select different locations and easily see which ones need more attention. This is easily accomplished through the use of Domo Embed and customers love it.

Not only is Edify saving lives, but also they are being recognized for it. In 2023, Edify won Domo's Ovation Award for Most Novel Application. They beat out one of the biggest movie production companies in the world and one of the best universities in the world.

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