Top 5 Microsoft Office + Domo tricks to impress your boss and Bill Gates

Monday, May 22, 2023

Whenever I onboard a new client, I like to ask “are you all a Microsoft organization or Google?” If they tell me “Microsoft”, I basically turn into a magician and say “I have a lot of cool tricks to show you.” Domo has committed to Microsoft integrations and they have really paid off. For instance, if you wanted to put Domo charts and cards into a Powerpoint deck, you’d usually just do a screenshot and paste that in. However, that's still fairly manual and subject to error.

Instead, you can just tell Microsoft Office to pull charts, tables and dashboard directly from Domo. By doing this, not only does that take out the need for screenshots, but also you don’t have to second guess the data. If someone puts in a screenshot, you never know if it’s the latest and greatest. If you use the Domo Add-on, all you have to do is click “refresh” and Microsoft will go and get the latest version! So no more scrambling for charts for monthly or quarterly business reviews. Let Domo do the work for you with these five Microsoft Office Applications.

To get these, go to Admin in Domo -> Tool download - > Microsoft Office and Outlook add in

Microsoft Add-ins

microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office

A picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to email, a thousand words is way too long of an email. So instead of having to write lengthy emails describing what is happening, you can simply connect Domo to Microsoft Outlook to get the card of your choice into an email. Additionally, you won’t have to take screenshots and copy and paste them into emails anymore. Furthermore, you can simply choose to send the data as a table or a visual to convey your message.

microsoft word

Are you writing a whitepaper or blog and want to include visuals from Domo? If you connect Domo to Microsoft Word, you can pick up whichever charts and cards you’d like. If you want to pull from a specific dashboard, you can choose the dashboard and only select the cards you want to include so you can tell a story with both words and visuals.

microsoft powerpoint


Do you have Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) or Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) where you have to produce the same slides again and again? I’ve seen this before where people scramble month after month to produce the same slides for the next meeting especially if it’s a board deck. Furthermore, what if the person who makes those particular slides is on vacation or quits? How do your slides get made? Don’t let this vulnerability affect your organization. By connecting PowerPoint to Domo, you can pull in the specific charts you need and have them refresh with the push of a button. You can download an entire dashboard and rearrange the cards and charts however you please so all you have to do is update the bullet points.

microsoft excel


This one is the coolest one in my opinion. When I was at a large company, an email analyst spent 8 hours a week just downloading data to then put into excel, run pivot tables, extend formulas, create charts and then embed those into slides each week. When I brought in Domo and automated the data pulling process, it gave him back 8 hours to do analysis rather than reporting. Now, Domo makes that even easier with the Microsoft Excel Add-in. You can do two really cool things with it. Firstly, you can download data directly into Excel as a table. I do this and create a tab called “Domo Auto Feed” where I run pivot tables, vlookups, etc from that one tab. Secondly, you can process data and add it back into Domo as a dataset! So now you have a looped system where you can take data to and from Domo easily.

microsoft teams

Teams 1
Teams 2
Teams 3

Do you want to show everyone in a channel certain cards or dashboards? Well there are two ways to do it. One way is if you go to your channel and search for “Website”. Then you can put in a URL. So now, here are the two avenues you can go. One way to do it is if you have Domo Embed/ Domo Everywhere. Once you get a published link, simply put that link to embed an entire dashboard into your Teams channel. Secondly, what if you don’t have Domo Embed/ Domo Everywhere? Well, go get it. Ask your Account Exec about it - tell them Dashboard Dudes sent you (maybe you’ll get a discount or maybe this will work against me and they’ll make you pay more). However, if you don’t want to pay for it, there is another way. You can publish your dashboard as a slideshow where you can get a link and paste into the URL. Voila, a Domo dashboard in Microsoft Teams

Domo Outlook

These are my tips for integrating Microsoft Office and Domo! Personally, I’m very happy to see Domo doubling down on this partnership with Microsoft and how it makes the supply chain of data and insights much shorter. By automating reporting, we can spend time analyzing and building a data-driven culture rather than crunching numbers. Good luck to you and let me know if you need any help. If you're interested in learning more, check out my course where I talk more about integrations like this in Domo 401.

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