Natalie Knudson on How Better Earth Uses Domo & How She Built 80 Dashboards in 9 Months

Friday, October 20, 2023

Natalie Knudson is the VP of Analytics at Better Earth Solar and is their MajorDomo. In this video, she details her journey of how she learned Domo, how she got buy in from her leadership team and what the impact has been on Better Earth through the use of Domo.

What is better earth?

Better Earth does solar panel installation, but is vertically integrated so they do everything from selling panels to activating them for homes.

WHo is Natalie Knudson?

Natalie is the VP of Analytics at Better Earth. One year ago, she had no SQL experience and her intro to Domo was just a 10 minute conversation about it with her manager.

WHo is Natalie Knudson?

Here is a timeline of how Natalie progressed in her Domo Journey:

Months 0-3:
Natalie learned by working with John Le. She would watch the video courses while folding her laundry on Friday nights because she was that committed to learning. Prior to Domo, Better Earth had data all over the place and that data was not readily available so people only had eyes on the problem on a quarterly basis. So, Natalie committed herself to solving this problem. She states that Domo was easy to learn because of Dashboard Dudes and the Domo material online.

Months 3-6:
The goal was to share Domo with Better Earth. To do this, Natalie met with each department to understand their problems and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), what data they were using and what reports they were using. One insight she learned is that there was no centralized data center. As a result, data had to be dumped into spreadsheets and manually calculated to understand the full journey.

Months 6-12:
The main objective was to get buy-in from leadership. As you can imagine, that is a very difficult task. However, that did not stop Natalie. She was determined to make a data-driven culture. To get the buy-in, she showed the power of Domo on the bottom line. She was able to create a chart/card to show how costly rework was because it meant work needed to be done again and that was a cost. So the team implemented a project to focus on passing inspections within the first pass and not needing rework. By having eyes on the problem, Better Earth was able to significantly improve pass rate thereby saving costs.

This approach is how Natalie has been able to get buy-in and is why the enter exec team is using Domo to solve problems. Natalties next goal is to get all employees access to Domo so they can have eyes on their own obstacles.

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