What I learned from presenting to 400 people at Domopalooza

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

What is Domopalooza?

Domopalooza is like the superbowl of Data. It is a giant conference where Domo customers from all over the world come to not only see the latest and greatest with Domo, but also attend various breakout sessions where they can hear customer success stories or learn new tips and tricks in Domo. For 2024, this was the first time it was in person since the pandemic and there were roughly 1500 attendees. While I gained fame last year for my Data is like making a Grilled Cheese presentation, this year was the first I was going to present...and cook...live.

how did it go?

Fantastic- it went fantastic. My presentation was scheduled for the Wednesday of Domopalooza and throughout the week, I just kept hearing how the attendance numbers were growing. First, I heard I had 270 guests. Then I was the first to break 300. Then 324 and later that 50+ people were at the door trying to get in without registering. To give context, there were 1500 attendees so I had roughly 25% in my breakout session. Later, I heard that the 2nd place breakout session had 300 attendees. Needless to say, the pressure and expectations were high.

There's a good saying with comedy "make it sounds like the first time every time". I believe that with public speaking, you have to do the same. While some people like to wing it, I usually rehearse my presentations until I know which word I need to say at the every minute. For me, I rehearsed every joke, energy level and mark I needed to hit and I am glad I was able to deliver.

For the actual presentation, I made spring rolls while simultaneously talking about ETLs. The goal was to parallel both so that data people could learn while being entertained. These were the main takeaways I wanted to share with the audience:

  • Mise En Place - Have everything ready to go
  • Color - Use it to differentiate workflows
  • Notes, Naming, and Formula Comments - Do these to help your future self or others not struggle
  • Flag - Do this to reduce number of ETL runs
  • Roll up - Do this to have one consistent dataset and to reduce credits

what were the biggest takeaways?

After the presentation, someone came up to me and told me it was the only presentation where she didn't have a desire to pull out her phone. Another gave me a Joker toy because he said he brought it to give to whomever was the most entertaining. Several people said they saw my presentation and really enjoyed it.

Here's my big takeaway: your goal isn't to be helpful. Your goal is to be memorable. People remember how they felt when they were with you. If you can focus on being memorable and giving people a good time, they will remember that sentiment and want to see you again. For me, my strengths with presenting are presence and humor. I like to double down on those and by paralleling ETLs with spring rolls, I felt I was able to deliver.

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