How Rising Star Outreach Learned Domo and Uses it To Help People with Leprosy

Monday, October 23, 2023

Rising Star Outreach is a non-profit that helps people with leprosy in India. Their primary way of help is through education because when you have a quality education, you can do anything. In this video, Brett Caywood, Kriten Edwards, and Tawna Fowler discuss how they got to Rising Star, what data was like before Domo For Good, and how life has been after being paired with Dashboard Dudes from the Domo For Good program.

WHAT DOES rising star outreach do?

Rising Star Outreach helps people affected by leprosy. One of the key ways they do this is by focusing on childhood education because kids with leprosy in India often get left behind. By providing quality education, these children have a chance to become anything they want to be. Furthermore, Rising Star Outreach helps through micro-grants, medical care and community care.

What was data like before Domo and Dashboard Dudes?

Data was very disparate. Some data was over here while other data was over there. Furthermore, "good data" was really any data. It wasn't formatted well nor very consistent.

How did you discover domo for good?

Kristen's husband (Cory Edwards) knew Mark Boothe from Domo. Mark mentioned the Domo for Good program. With Domo For Good, non-profits can apply to get a free Domo license and they get paired with a top Domo user / Domo Innovator. That is how Rising Star Outreach got matched with Dashboard Dudes. Big thanks to Ashley Pennewell and Andrew Ferguson for the connection and the support.


Rising Star Outreach said they appreciate how methodical the teaching and courses are and that they feel pushed to get better, but are not overwhelmed. Additionally, the patience and consistency of the live and online coaching helps they move forward. Lastly, the team loves the specific answers instead of general answers through one-on-one sessions in addition to the online course.

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