I binged all Domopalooza 2024 Presentations: Here are my top 5 (excluding mine)

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Domopalooza 2024 presentation types

Domopalooza is basically THE convention to be at if you are a data nerd and Domo user. During the 3-5 day session there are several workshops and presentations around new features, customer stories, how-to sessions and more. While Domopalooza had many presentations, I JUST BINGED THEM ALL and these are the Top 5 I think you should invest your time to not miss. Please note that this is solely my opinion and I looked for presentations that were actionable, entertaining and inspiring.

​However, before that, I am very proud to have learned that my session (Good ETLs are Like Spring Rolls) had +400 attendees and was the highest attended presentation at Domopalooza. That's two years in a row where I have had the honor of having the most engagement and I am grateful for it. If you want to check that out, here's the session.

AI Readiness: is your organization ready for ai 

AI readiness

If you want to talk actionable, then this one is one to watch. In this session, Chris Willis and Florencia Silveira show a list called the "13 Cardinal Sins of AI-Ready Data" and give a literal list of common pitfalls. What I liked about this presentation the most is that these points are not only necessary for AI, but they are good practices you should just be doing with data in general.

2024 DOmo ovation award winner highlights

Domo ovation winners

This particular presentation was all about inspiration. In this presentation, Lacy Zimmerman interviews Tim Megginson, Allan Bell, Colemen Wilson and Branden Jenkins and asks questions about how they use Domo and what they did to win the Ovation award. Instead of showing how to do anything, the speakers just told stories of how they introduced Domo to their organizations, how they gained adoption and how they made value from their use of Domo.

Regional One Health: Keeping a Pulse on performance

Regional One

Fantastic energy between these two female leaders. What I enjoyed most about this presentation is that it wasn't so much about hospitals as it was more about how Domo helps hospital and healthcare systems. In this presentation, Jani Radhakrishnan and Allison Vance have this back and forth where they first setup the problem they encountered in their hospitals followed by "well how did we solve it with Domo?".


"This is one of the best things in Domo. I'm not a salesperson that would be terrible...this makes Domo amazing"- Shelby McNeill. I wanted to include this presentation not so that you could learn how to do data science, but rather so you could see what data science does. Boyn resorts doesn't have a data science team and so they used Domo's data scientists to make hundreds of models to better predict guest turnout based on several factors like weather, seasonality, etc. Very inspiring and I hope you reach out to Domo if you need data scientists to help with a project.

Reimagine next hit songs with Ai and domo

referencing dragon ball

"We made special Domo Japanese bath salts for you. Please don't eat these. Put them in your bath tub"- Albert Jao. In this presentation, Shingo Takahata talks about they are using AI to Domo to predict and influence what the next big song might be. As a big music lover, I found this very fascinating. Additionally, Shingo did the presentation in English which he is not fluent in speaking and that alone on stage deserves a lot of credit and applause. Lastly, he also made a Dragon Ball reference so he instantly won me over with that. Again, the purpose of this is to show you the possibilities of Domo and AI.

Final words

As I mentioned, I watched all presentations that Domo published. For me, these stuck out to me the most because they were helpful, inspiring and clearly showed how Domo could be used to make visions come to fruition. Would love to hear if you had a different top 5 list and why.

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