What I learned from winning the Domo Demo Slam

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

what is the domo DEMO SLAM?

The Domo Demo Slam is a small competition where the best of the best Domo users (Domo Innovators) are selected and asked to show off their skills for the wider Domo Community. With the Domo Innovators we are all ranked based on points for helping Domo Community members with questions and as it happens to be I am rank #7 and went up against Grant Smith (rank #1) and Colemen Wilson (rank #3).

how did it work?

First, Eddie Small and Anna Yardley started things off by talking about upcoming news at Domopalooza and giving some teasers. Then Grant was up first and had 10 minutes to showcase his lesson. Next, Colemen was up and also had 10 minutes where he showcased the Domo Freemium model and what you could do with limited credits. Lastly, I was up.

Instead of focusing on how to do things in Domo, I focused on why I do things in Domo the way I do them. For instance, I went over my framework for standard dashboard design which starts with controls/ filters at the top of the page, followed by an overview section that has the main numbers people want to see, then performance over time where I can see progress month over month and year over year. Lastly, the I have a breakdown section where we can get more granular for insights. This framework and method is something I developed over years and years. I learned that this is the best framework to get my clients engaged and excited about data without it being too overwhelming.

Next, I showed the importance of these three characteristic with card design: shape, color, context. If we think of Domo cards as plates of food then we can focus on how we display our items. While taste is ultimately important, presentation matters too. With that said, the shape of the chart (e.g. table vs bar) is similar to plating. Having garnish is similar to color. Showing bad meals as opposed to good is similar to context. 

Then I gave a pitch for my upcoming presentation at Domopalooza. Eddie was particularly impressed that I used my time to promote Domopalooza with 30 seconds left to spare!

What did i learn?

The audience for these events are people that already know Domo. Not only does your lesson have to be delicious, it has to be easily consumable. I've watched previous demo slams and usually, Domo Innovators try to show very complex and technical tricks. For me, I wanted to give a lesson that was very delicious, but very simple such as a grilled cheese or spring rolls.

Enjoy watching my presentation and I hope we get to compete against each other in the future.

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